logoAt Buddy's Air Conditioning & Heating, our technicians are trained to provide you peace of mind alongside our Silver Club Membership. The Silver Club Membership includes an annual air conditioning and heating system servicing, as well as early detection of part failures to avoid major costly repairs.

Benefits of our Silver Club Membership:

  • Same Day Service Guarantee
  • 90-day no breakdown Guarantee*
  • 1 Year Clear Drain Guarantee
  • 10% Discount on Service Repairs
  • Exceeds Warranty Requirements
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty on Repairs
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Service Reminders
  • Find Problems Before Failure
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • $39.00 Average Annual Energy Saving
  • Membership is Transferable
  • Inflation Protection

Work AC Installation
*Recommended repairs must be made in order to receive our “no breakdown guarantee.”

Services Performed:

  1. Inspect High Voltage Connections
  2. Inspect Low Voltage Connections
  3. Check for Proper Voltages
  4. Test Compressor and Motors with Mega-Ohm Meter
  5. Chemically Clean Condenser Oil
  6. Check Motor Bearings
  7. Remove Leaves from Condenser
  8. Clean Electrical Compartment
  9. Test Capacitors
  10. Digitally Measure Freon Levels for Maximum Efficiency
  11. Test Protective Controls
  12. Measure Electrical Consumption
  13. Clean and Inspect Thermostat
  14. Wash or Replace Filter (Owner Provided)
  15. Clear Condensate Drain
  16. Treat Drain with Algaecide Tablets
  17. Measure Supply Air Temperature
  18. Test Safety Pan Float Switch
  19. Inspect Safety Pan
  20. Clean Blower and Compartment
  21. Inspect for Bio Contamination
  22. Clean Evap Coil (In Place As Required)
  23. Vacuum and Remove Debris
  24. Test for Gas Leaks
  25. Clean Flame Sensor
  26. Test Ignitor
  27. Test All Safety Controls
  28. Inspect Exhaust Flue
  29. Inspect Duct System for Leaks
  30. Balance Air Flow (As Required)
  31. Inspect Duct and Drain Insulation
  32. Note Potential Repairs
  33. Inform Customer of Findings