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During the peak summer months in Baton Rouge, high temperatures & sticky humidity is the norm. Luckily for the people & businesses of Baton Rouge have Buddy's Air Conditioning & Heating to keep them cool. Buddy's Air Conditioning & Heating provides the Baton Rouge area with premiere heating & cooling services. Our services range from air conditioning repair to furnace installation. Call (225) 407-4966 to learn more!

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Air Conditioning Service & Installation in Baton Rouge, LA

Thinking about installing a brand new AC unit in your home? Turn to the air conditioning experts at Buddy's Air Conditioning & Heating. It can be a very overwhelming process which is why we will be more than happy to guide you along the way. We carry the latest high efficiency technology to keep your home cool & help save you money. Our certified technicians will work with you to achieve your comfort goals & determine your priorities. To learn about all of our air conditioning options like ductless mini splits, or central AC systems, call us at (225) 407-4966!

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HVAC Repair & Heating Service in Baton Rouge, LA

Even though we live in Baton Rouge, having a heating system in our home is still a must. You cant go without heat during those chilly winter nights. Buddy's Air Conditioning & Heating offers a wide selection of heating options for every situation. From boiler systems, to heat pumps to gas furnaces, we can install, service & repair them all! Call us at (225) 407-4966 to make an HVAC service appointment!

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