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Consider upgrading to ductless HVAC!

Not every home, or space in your home, makes sense for ducts. In most cases, ductwork can be prohibitively costly to install in an existing home or run out to a home addition. However, there’s an alternative to just going without cooling and heating: ductless!

From historic homes here in Baton Rouge to home additions—such as sun rooms, garages, or separate guest suites—ductless just makes sense. However, every home can use or incorporate a ductless system. They make sense for most homeowners because ductless:

  • Offers zoned comfort that can be tailored to each room of your home.
  • Is more energy-efficient, saving you money on your cooling and heating bills.
  • Improves your indoor air quality, since there are no ducts that collect dust, dirt, and allergens.

How do ductless systems work?

At their core, ductless units function much like heat pumps. Similar to heat pumps, they’re capable of both cooling your home in the summer and heating it in the winter. In both seasons, this is accomplished by moving heat energy from one place to another through a refrigerant line connecting an outdoor condenser to an indoor blower.

Here is where the ductless system splits from its heat pump cousin. While a heat pump blower is located in an attic, closet, or elsewhere and blows cooled or heated air into air ducts, the ductless blower is located within the room. Typically, the blower unit itself is wall-mounted near the ceiling, and is generally unobtrusive.

Most ductless systems can support multiple indoor units for one outdoor condenser (more on this below). As a result, the home has cooling and heating delivered to each room, where it’s needed, without the air needing to travel through ducts to be distributed.

What is a mini split HVAC system?

This is another common name for a ductless system, particularly one that has blowers in different rooms connected to a single outdoor unit / condenser (hence, the “split”). The name difference often comes down to the manufacturer.

Why upgrade?

Ductless units have several key advantages over standard HVAC systems. Here are just a few:

Lower your energy bills

Using ducts to distribute cooled and heated air to the living spaces of your home has been the standard in most homes. It’s also relatively inefficient. As that air moves through the ducts, it’s either warming back up (for cooled air) or losing its heat (for heated air). The result is that your cooling and heating systems have to work harder to make your home comfortable, expending more energy.

Without ducts, this efficiency issue isn’t a problem. As a result, ductless units can be as much as 30% more energy-efficient than standard HVAC systems.

Customize your comfort

Ductless units allow you to keep different rooms at different temperatures. With a standard HVAC system, you don’t really have that option: sure, you can close specific vents, but your HVAC system will still try to heat or cool the entire space.

If you and your family spend a majority of your time at home in the kitchen, cool that room down using the ductless unit in that room. Leave rooms you’re not in—such as the office or bedrooms—warmer until you’re ready to use them. This can yield major energy savings!

Relatively inexpensive installation

We’re often asked: how much does a mini split HVAC cost? If your home doesn’t have ductwork, the cost of a ductless system is much lower, relatively speaking, than installing ducts. We recommend homeowners without ducts in their home take a serious look at ductless units as a possible heating or cooling solution.

However, ductless systems can also make sense for homes with an existing HVAC setup that features ducts. A ductless unit can supplement existing heating or cooling and help lower your energy bills by allowing you to cool or heat the room of your home you spend the majority of your time in.

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