Service Technicians

“We all have choices to make in life. I have chosen to spend my work career with Buddy mainly because he is dependable and trustworthy. His diligence towards excellence shows in all of the work of his employees. Everyone is great to work with and are all family to me.”

Greg Altazan, Service Technician
Employed with Buddy for 25 years

“I’ve been in the HVAC field for 14 years now and I’ve seen the best and the worst it has to offer. Here at Buddy’s, we strive to be the best. My goal is to give you the best service, best quality of workmanship, and the best value for your hard earned money. I take pride in my work and it is my hope that you will too. Thank you and God Bless!”

Matthew Musser, Service Technician
Employed with Buddy’s for 2 years



Mike Volker, Lead Installer
Employed with Buddy’s for 24 years


“I love my job! I like to satisfy our customers and get them service as quick as possible. Also I like to educate myself on the findings from the technician’s report, once he has made his diagnostic I will read up and get some knowledge on the problem in case they call back and need some information or have a call back with similar problems. I do love working at Buddy’s, they are very friendly and honest people to work with!”

Emily Gonzalez, Customer Service Representative
Employed with Buddy’s for 5 months


“Genuine integrity and a commitment to excellence makes my job very rewarding.”

Steve Muro, Service Manager
Employed with Buddy’s for 2 years

“The best thing about working for Buddy’s is the family like atmosphere within the office and among our customers. Everyone working together so wonderfully, keeps me coming in every day.”

-Danielle Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant
Employed with Buddy’s for 5 years